Proper care and usage of fine china, crystal, and flatware can help you to beautifully maintain your Manor Home & Gifts purchases.

(Please note: Some products have specific care and usage requirements that the following guidelines may not cover. Check with us for your additional questions.)


Fine China and Porcelain

You may wash fine china in a dishwasher, however we strongly recommend hand-washing fine china with gold or metallic rims. While using a dishwasher, use the following guidelines to minimize potential problems.


  • Load the dishwasher so that no two pieces will touch each other to avoid chipping and cracking
  • Use the gentle cycle with a smaller than recommended amount of high quality liquid detergent
  • Let the china cool to room temperature before unloading


  • use a dishwasher with a hard water supply (i.e. a hard mineral content)
  • expose your fine china to a heated drying cycle
  • use industrial detergent that is highly abrasive

When storing fine china, place a cloth or paper towel between the plates to prevent the bottom of one plate scratching the top of another. Gold or Metallic banded china cannot be used in a microwave under any circumstances. Do not subject china to extreme temperature changes (such as moving directly from a freezer to the oven).


Crystal Stemware


  • Wash crystal by hand with warm, soapy water
  • Be careful when drying stemware that you do not twist the stem apart
  • Rinse crystal in water
  • Dry carefully with a soft cloth
  • Line the sink with a rubber mat to prevent accidental chipping
  • Store upright on the stems

Sterling Silver Flatware

Sterling Flatware can be washed in a dishwasher; however, hand washing is highly recommended.


  • Wash your silver immediately after use
  • Rinse and dry the silver thoroughly while it is still warm (it is preferable to dry silver by hand)
  • Polish tarnished silver with a high quality silver polish to achieve best results. The best way to prevent tarnish is to use your silver often.


  • Use detergents containing chloride
  • Wash silver and stainless items at the same time as the combination may cause an unpleasant chemical reaction
  • Leave knives in water for a long period of time. Knives require a carbon steel formula so that the blade can be sharp to form a cutting edge. Prompt and complete drying prevents rust on knives, pits on blades, and spotting on silverware.

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